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Whether the Chinese like it or not the status of Tibet and the welfare of its people is deeply ingrained in the mind of the people of the world and its leaders. Because of Chinas' might many leaders of the worlds nations have kept the issues of the rights of the Tibetan people at arms length. But Chinas' policies can only have a limited duration. Force always has a limited historical duration. Things will change according to the original motivation of the invasion. Whatever the might of China the nature of the present occupation can only be a temporary phenomenon. The world will not bury its head in the sand for ever. Things will change. Better that China resolves the issue in a diplomatic and mutually beneficial manner for her own aims and the aims of the Tibetan people. No doubt both in the present and historically China is and has been a great nation. Like her neighbour, India, China has created and given much of benefit to humankind. And now in the present day China is becoming one of the great nations of the world once again. It is on the issue of Tibet that China can truly show her greatness by developing an answer to the Tibetan issue that incorporates both the wishes of the Tibetan people and the Chinese people. China cannot rid the world of those people like The Dalai Lama, whose sole wish is to benefit people. What sense does that make? There are millions and millions of Buddhists all over the world whose sole aim is to benefit others. There are millions and millions of Buddhists in China. These people will not go away. Maybe one day Chinas' Buddhist past will prove be of great benefit to humankind.