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The Eight Antidotes


Maitreya says in his Discrimination of the Middle Way and the Extremes (Madhyantavibhanga):

The cause of its arising (calm abiding) is to observe the relinquishing of the five faults and the application of the eight antidotes.


The eight antidotes are the means for relinquishing the five faults


The antidotes to laziness are:


1)    Faith: seeing the good qualities of meditative stabilisation.

2)    Aspiration: seeking to attain those good qualities.

3)    Effort: delighting in engaging in meditative stabilisation.

4)    Physical and mental pliancy: an effect (of effort)


The antidote to forgetfulness is:


5)    Mindfulness: maintaining concentration on an object continuously.


The antidote to lethargy and excitement is:


6)    Awareness: knowing that lethargy or excitement has arisen or is arising.


The antidote to non-application is:


7)    Application: engaging in the antidotes to lethargy and excitement.   


The antidote to over-application is:


8)    Desisting from application: relaxing one's effort.