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Global Mistrust


Over the last few years people from all parts of the globe, from many countries, have experienced violence, abuse, loss and tragedy. War, massacre, torture and even genocide are a normal experience for too many people. Human rights abuses are prevalent in many countries. Trauma and shock affect so many people. Power motivated tyrants oppress and penetrate the lives of many people in many countries. Corruption seeps the economic life blood from many countries and leaves families dispossesed. Endemic drug culture, with all its unpredictability and personal despair, has embedded itself in most cultures. The irrational and gratuitous violence of this drug culture, now permeates the normality of society. Young people fall into despair, hopelessness and crime at ever younger ages. Many people will see mankindís present nature as unpredictable, dangerous, and unlimitlessly violent. The disappointment from this may leave many people with a mistrust of human nature.

Yet from within the dangers of these types of experiences there have been acts of outstanding human courage. Often within the most negative circumstances we can be touched by acts of inspirational fortitude. Although our kindness and compassion are often overwhelmed by the more disturbing character traits, there is within us a potential goodness that can eclipse the more negative sides of our characters.

It is the purpose of this site to show that there is within each and every living being the potential to fully develop this loving kindness and compassion. True happiness, generosity, trustworthness,and reliability are our minds potential nature. Bodhicitta.

The Enlightened mind is the birthright of all beings. In the mind of Bodhicitta there is a wholesomeness and positivity that cannot be eclipsed by disturbing character traits and afflictive emotions. This mind is indestructible. It is often described as a 'wish fulfilling jewel' and can bring unlimited benefit.

This site explores the nature of this indestructible wish fulfilling jewel, Bodhicitta, and how to develop it.

The World is in Turmoil