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Prayer to Manjushri


Obeisance to my Guru and Protector, Manjushri.
You hold to your heart a scripture symbolic of seeing all things as they are.
Your sun-like understanding shines unclouded by defilements or traces of ignorance.
With the loving compassion of a father for his only son,
You teach in sixty ways all beings caught in the prison of samsara, who are confused in the darkness of their ignorance and overwhelmed by suffering.
Your dragon-thunder proclamation of the Dharma arouses us from the stupor of our delusions and frees us from the iron chains of our karma.
Your powerful sword of wisdom hews down suffering wherever its sprouts appear, clearing away the darkness of all ignorance.
Your princely body is adorned with the 112 marks of a Buddha.
You have completed the ten stages, achieving the highest perfection of a Bodhisattva.
You have been pure from the beginning. I prostrate to You, Manjushri.


Compassionate One, with the brilliance of your wisdom, illuminate the darkness enclosing my mind.
Enlighten my intelligence and wisdom, so that I may gain insight into the Buddha's words and the texts that explain them.